CS112 Computer Programming I

  1. Install Java and TextPad (for Windows OS ONLY): click here
  2. Run Java with TextPad (for Windows OS ONLY): click here
  3. Install and run Java with IntelliJ IDEA (for Windows, MacOS, and Linux): click here

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  • Assignments. Requirements: For programming assignments, use proper comments and format for the code and its detailed I/O examples; BOTH of the programs and the I/O (for file I/O, screen-shots for command window and the results or output file needed) copied to ONE document named as CS112assignment#_FirstnameLastname.doc (ALL projects should be copied into one document). Email the document as attachment to the instructor (usvwccs@gmail.com). The email subject is the same as the file name.
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  • Topics covered in Fall 2017
    • 8/28 Syllabus; intro
    • 8/30 Simple java codes: Hello, Trangle; Greeting. Special characters: '\n', '\t'
    • 9/6 String concatenation operator +; variables; input a decimal from keyboard
    • 9/11 Read a word from keyboard; interactive I/O 
    • 9/13 Read an integer from keyboard. Calculate the area and volume of a prism
    • 9/18 Java methods for Math formula. Display decimals
    • 9/20 Java for math expressions. Calculation of a cone and square based pyramid
    • 9/25 More on Java for math expressions 
    • 9/27 Test 1A 
    • 10/2 On test; read a whole line string
    • 10/4 More on input - redirection input by using file
    • 10/9 More on file input with redirection
    • 10/11 Selection with if-statement
    • 10/16 Nested if-else
    • 10/18 More on nested if-else
    • 10/23 Review; worksheet
    • 10/25 Test 1B
    • 10/30 On Test 1B; string comparisons; example with Celsius and Fahrenheit
    • 11/01 While-loops
    • 11/06 Counter-ctrl loops; EOF-ctrl loops
    • 11/08 Sentinel-ctrl loops
    • 11/13 More on loops; for loops 
    • 11/15 Worksheet 
    • 11/20 Test 2
    • 11/27 On Test 2
    • 11/29 Arrays
    • 12/04 More on arrays
    • 12/06 Review for final exam
    • 12/13 (Wed) Final Exam: 11:30-14 (sec.1) 15-17:30 (sec.2). Use of a piece of help-sheet (A4 copy paper size, both sides) is allowed. Coverage: data types, naming rules, math expressions to Java statements, data input (integers, decimal numbers, words, string-line), if-else, while-loops, for-loops, array declarations and elements operations.   

  • Code in the past years
    • Fall'17 (click here)
    • Fall'16 (click here)
    • Fall'15 (click here)
    • Fall'13 (click here)
    • Fall'12 (click here)
    • Fall'11 (click here)

  • Instructions for installing Java and TextPad (click here) OR following steps as below

  • Download and install Java (click here) to C:\Program Files(x86): following the steps (for Windows OS that is recommended) - 

    • Find and click version 8 or older version - JDK (be careful - NOT JRE) Download
    • Download and save the file for Windows x86 (be careful - NOT Windows x64) that is similar to jdk-***-windows-i586.exe  (i.e. jdk-8u101-windows-i586.exe)
    • Run the downloaded file jdk-***-windows-i586.exe  and install it to C:\Program Files (x86)
  • AFTER Java IS installed, download and install TextPad 4 or 5 (click here. Choose 32-bit for TextPad 6 or 7), and configuration will be done automatically. Both Java and TextPad should be on C:\Program Files (x86). 
  • Java 6 documentation

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