Linux Server -

  • Domain name: and it is developed for Computer Science Program
  • Compilers: C/C++ (gcc/g++), Free-Pascal (fpc), Ada (gnatmake), Fortran (f77), clips (clips), 80386 Assembler (as86), Java (javac)
  • Account:  You should have an account of the server to login. Ask the system administrator, Mr. Christopher McTague ( to issue an account for you. You will get a login name and a password to let you login. You could change the password by typing the command: passwd
  • Basic Usages (for more details of UNIX commands, click here): case sensitive - - all the commands are lower case letters
    • ls  list files and sub-directory in the present (working) directory
    • cd ..  change working directory to parent directory
    • cd  change working directory to home directory (/home/log-name)
    • pwd  show (print) the working directory
    • mkdir  dir-name  build a new directory named dir-name in working directory
    • rm file_name remove a file named file_name
    • rmdir  dir-name  remove a empty directory named dir-name
    • cd dir-name  change working directory to sub-directory named dir-name
    • nano file_name  edit a file
    • cat file_name  view contents of the file
    • passwd  change your pass word
    • w or who or finger  show the users who are on the server
    • man cmd  show the usage of the command cmd
    • man -k keyword  show related commands about the keyword
    • talk another-log-name  communicate (talk) to another person who are in the server by typing words (if he responses by using talk program)
    • write another-log-name  write to another person who are in the server by typing words.
    • Ctrl-d or exit  exit the server


Since 2000, Virginia Wesleyan University, 5817 Wesleyan Dr, Virginia Beach, VA 23455 
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