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by Wesley Davis


  Small businesses are challenged in many ways as they try to thrive in a competitive environment. At the backbone of every business, small or large, is a good system to handle all facets of company business: ranging from sales, to sales tracking, reports, employee management, the list goes on and on. Commonly referred to as a POS system (point-of-sales, not to be confused with the other acronym), they are designed to handle all of these tasks and more. Modern iterations of the POS systems are limited because they are susceptible to "down time" from software updates, security breaches, LAN disruptions, etc. With that said, this system is dubbed "uPOS", since it is made for the users, by a user.


  The purpose of this project is to create a more efficient POS system-one that will not cripple an entire company happens to the business. Another main goal of this is to make an easy-to-understand UI and allow for improvements to be made easily based on the needs of the business owner. The former will be accomplished by creating a web-based POS, which means the only thing limiting the system is access to the internet. Outages and "down time" are virtually non-existent with proper management. The latter will be assessed in the actual formation, using a minimalistic format which can easily be tailored to the needs of the user. The benefits of using this sort of POS go far beyond simply improving the user experience and minimizing technical errors; businessmen that have to interact with clients on-the-go will be able to easily access the system all the same, allowing for some much needed flexibility in small businesses.


In this project, I will designed a core POS system using various aspects of HTML web programming, PHP programming, CSS stylizing, and utilizing elements of SQL databases in order to achieve this.

So, to break it down, the following are included in the project...

Other pages and resources will be incorporated into the project, which are itemized in the full report of this project.
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