Abstract. My goal is to create a social media and forum like database where people can discuss ideas while immersing themselves with the opposing idea kind of like a debate team simulation but for an online community. These ideas can include anything from entertainment to serious topics. These are a few things I wish to include in my database and website:

The Arena System Person A posts an idea which can be placed in specific categories. Once clicked by Person B, a popup asks if Person B agrees or disagrees with the idea.

    If they disagree, and there is no challenger, B is prompted to write why they disagree (up to 5,000 characters). Else, they are allowed to vote on and view the discussion.

    If they agree, they can either vote on the proposal or they can write their own proposal based on the idea. They can only see and vote on the top comment of the opposition. This encourages the opposing side to vote for the best idea that the opposing side can see.

    If there is no contention in one week, the proposal becomes non-contested.

The most viewed/commented on proposals are place within the Coliseum (or the Hot section). The new proposals are placed in the New section.

Dispute People on the opposing side can only view the top voted counterpoint. So, if people want their views to be represented, they have to join the side they actually agree with in order to vote for the better opinion. Otherwise, the dispute side is similar to the idea section.

Switching Sides After voting for the opposing side up to three time, a person can switch sides. This adds to the opposing sides total score.

Winning Each side wins based on the amount of votes each side produced along with how many people switched sides. The side that wins are given votes based on how popular their side ended up in the end. Votes are a precious commodity since only ten votes are given to people every day and this makes it so people are careful with what they vote for (so, not the trolls, etc.)

Clapping Members that are not logged in can only view the top rated responses. They can clap for a side, but their claps do not weigh in on the final score.

Report Report comments for spam.

Overall I want to make a social media platform that feels like a game yet is also educational. I also want to platform that naturally favors "critical thinking" type of comments with "audiance moderation."

Basic Goals for the Research.

    Create the Arena system (have voting, comments, idea, and dispute sections)

    Learn how to create a secure login using hashed passwords

    Create a secure user system

End Goals for Research

    Transfer this website to app form for easy access.