The Marlin Chronicle Website

Homepage: Uses a modified WordPress theme to create the Marlin Chronicle's webpage.

ASIANetwork Project

Project Homepage: This is meant to supplement a project by a team of students and professors at Virginia Wesleyan College. The project is funded by ASIANetwork and is a part of the Student-Faculty Fellows Program. Part of our proposal included a collection of media gathered during a three week excursion to various world heritage sites in Shanxi Province, China. So far, it is a few picture galleries and a way to upload media.

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Project Homepage: My goal for this project is to create a social media debate platform where people can discuss ideas while immersing themselves with the opposing side. These ideas can include anything from entertainment to educational topics.

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CS480 Project

Project Homepage: Land-Marked serves as a social media type website that provides users with the ability to post pictures of their experiences of various landmarks. The goal is to allow others to share their experiences of a landmark in both visual and text format.