Abstract: CYOA Outline

What is CYOA (Choose Your Own Adventure)?

CYOA stands for Choose Your Own Adventure. It is a creative endeavour that allows the reader (or user, in this case) to work their way through a series of prompts given that are dependent upon user input. Each prompt (or page) is supplied with 2 choices. The user is able to build their own adventure out of the groundwork (i.e. the prompts and choices given) that I have lain in the following project. This is for sheer enjoyment of the user and allows the creator (i.e. me) to express themselves in a media that may have not been explored before.

What is the purpose of this project?

This project is intended for entertainment purposes. It allows me to express myself and my knowledge of writing creatively in English in varying genres, and it allows me to explore more of what can be accomplished using a combination of HTML, PHP coding and mySQL databases, which will help me out in the future, when I'm out of school and looking for a job in Computer Science.

What is being done in this project?

Besides keeping my creative writing sharp, I intend to:


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