The progress page is made to show the steps I take during my year long project creating my final website.

2/15: Setup project page for the first time.

2/20: Setup objectives for Project.

2/28: Draw project outline for webpages.

3/4: Established what is going inside charts for databases for Equiqment.

3/6: Started pages for each category.

3/8: Finished research for gear and tools for basketball page.

3/10: Started research for adding videos to pages.

3/12: Added branch pages for tips page.

3/13: Worked on designing pages with images and fonts.

3/14: Worked on completing more pages overall.(Added videos to tips)

3/18: Added login button, connected tabs to eachother using buttons. Also added session and password for employees.

3/19: Labeled web pages correctly and sorted them. Also started creating duplicate websites for employees to edit inventory.

3/22: Created database tables for Footwear and Equipment Tabs. Also worked on tips pages by adding videos and tips.

3/25: Finished up Ball Handling tips and Shooting tips.

3/27: Finished up Passing and Defensive tips.

3/30: Finished up the Rebounding tip.

4/1: Worked on adding uploading picture for employee pages.

4/2: Continued to work on employee page and getting errors corrected.

4/5: Got rid of picture uploading and tried to add deletion portion.

4/9: Added Refine Inventory for footwear page.

4/13: Added Refine Inventory for apparel and equipment page.

4/18: Figured out what was wrong with sesssions and advanced with project.

4/20: Added picture to login page. Also used select distinct to show unavailable ID's for footwear.

4/25: Added unavailable ID's for Apparel and Equipment.

4/30: Finished up formatting for customer pages.

5/2: Finished up formatting for employee pages. Also added deletion pages for each category.