This website was created by Rodrick Nicholson to give users interested in begining their basketball journeys the tips and gear for them to be successful. His experience playing aau basketball with Boo Williams, high school basketball at Landstown in Virginia Beach, and college basketball at Virginia Wesleyan University give a great insight to what it takes to make it to to one of the highest levels of basketball. Several options will be provided to make sure users can find what's needed to satisfy their needs.
The main purpose of this website is to push beginner basketball players in the right direction by providing necessities that's best suited for their playstyle, and suit their needs on the basketball court. To play at your peak performance on the basketball court it is important to be comfortable. This website utilizes reviews from well-respected performance reviewers to give you the best products as possible. In addition to finding the gear and equipment needed, "In Your Bag" also aims to teach beginners the fundamentals while offering improvement in important aspects of basketball. Even though the website is aimed towards beginners the experienced may find this site helpful because it's a one stop shop that gives you pointers on your game while also looking for ways to improve. The purpose of this research was to utilize the programs CSS, HTML, MySQL and PHP to create a website that will save consumers time and money when purchasing sneakers to play basketball in.

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