Dog Search of Hampton Roads

Dog Search of Hampton Roads allows for future dog owners to decide what dog breed is best suited for them and their lifestyle. After the future dog owner finds their perfect match, they will be able to search Dog Search's database to find a dog in the Hampton Roads area to adopt. This database will pull from the local SPCA and animal rescue shelters.

Thousands of dogs are left homeless in the Hampton Roads area. If these dogs are not adopted to a loving home, they spend the rest of their years withering away in a crammed cage yearning for a family to tend to them. The goal of Dog Search is for the community to become more aware of sheltered dogs and to ultimately find them a loving home to be apart of. Being able to save a life is rewarding and will also give you a companion for life.

Dog Search of Hampton Roads will be designed using HTML, MySQL, jQuery, and CSS. The targeted design behind the website will allow for future dog owners to be able to search for a dog based on specific criteria. The user will be able to research any of the 178 officially recognized dog breeds. Once the user chooses the breed of choice, they will be given information and characteristics of the breed such as: personality, care, health, physical activity, physical characteristics, how the dog reacts with children, how the dog reacts with other dogs, the ideal living environment, their dietary needs, size, group, and if the dog can be rescued from the Hampton Roads area. If the dog has the opportunity to be rescued, the database will pull the dog's name, where the dog is sheltered, any information on the dog, and finally contact information. Local animal shelters will be able to use this database to be able to input any new dogs to keep the database updated and the community aware.

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