CS489 Project Homepage


The goal of the project is to create a simple way for professors and students to access all the information needed throughout the school year, such as grades, classes, homework, and school news. The approach focuses on simplicity for users by providing a uniform look for every page and placing the navigation in an easily accessible position. The class management website features a signup, login, and logout system that gives a secure way to access course information. It also allows for professors to input information into the system and to update studentsí classes, grades, and homework via a professor-only page to ensure that students cannot change the information. The project was completed using PHP, CSS, HTML and MySQL.

Sites like Blackboard are often over cluttered and have way to many tools taht are unused. myBoard aims to fix this in a way that still offers everything a user would need throughout the school year. The project offers a way to view the users classes, assignments due, and grades. Once logged on you only need a few clicks to get to anywhere you need to go.

To complete the project HTML, PHP, CSS and MySQL will be used. The combination of these languages will create a class managment system that is fast and easy to use.