CS 489 Final Project
CS 489 Final Project

Purpose of the Project

The purpose of this project will be to create a website interface similar to that of Facebook. Whereas Facebook is used as a means of keeping in connect with or getting to know new friends my website will be used by perspective business owners and other entreprenuers to get help and tips from successful business owners to get their business started or to maximize its potential. The different options avaliable throughtout the website will be the ability to access contact and business information, send messages and emails, post pictures of ideas that you have and be able to incorporate links from other places. This will be accomplished through the use of PHP, MySql, Javascript, and HTML. In using these to implement my concept it will make the website simple to use while also making sure it is sytlistically appealing to the user.


The purpose of Connect Me is to help entrepreneurs and other potential business owners to connect with established business owners and entrepreneurs for the purpose of getting the proper help and guidance with getting their idea started along with successful tips to help them remain successful. The contact information of all users is readily available to anyone who wishes to sign up on the website. Connect Me allows users to create their own profile page with their own login information, send messages to others users, log out of the users profile, along with searching for a particular user. This project was created using HTML, PHP, MYSQL along with researching other methods in computer science.

What is included?
  • The use of HTML and PHP functions will serve as the basis for the project.
  • There will also be the use of a SQL database to store all revelant information such as contact information and business information.
  • When becoming a user of the website you will be able to create your own username and password which are specific to you.
  • User will be able to contact other users through IM(instant messaging) as well as through blogs and chatting.