CS489 Project Homepage "The Helping Hand"


The aim of this project is to make a website with similar to those of gofundme/indigogo/kickstarter with the focus of helping those in need. While providing the tools neccisary for both the one in need and the benifactor(s) to keep in contact, with an emphasis on the one recieving money to post photographic or status updates of how the money is being put to use to help. Thus providing the financial backers some reassurement that their generosity is not being taken for granted and will hopefully bolster more charitable acts from them and their peers.

Chairitable work has always been a controversal topic, at its core charity is a great thing and can change someones live for the better. However, skeptisim and misuse of charity and charitable acts has bolstered a sense of distrust from potential doners and given monetary donation a negative connotation.

Through the use of php, mysql, html, and javascript the plan is to create a website were anyone in need can create a personal page for which they can ask for funding to help them through their hardship be it medical bills, food, clothes, rent, ect.

- Database of users: with the ability to create accounts easily.
- Visually appealing layout by use of html and css
- PHP for use of password protection of sensitive information and possibly other uses.
- Researching how to give users the ability to upload proof (pictures) to their pages to give doners reassurance that their money is being put to good use.

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