Computer Science 489 Project
Computer Science 489 Project

What Is This Project About?

This project is a design of the Blackboard website interface used by many schools across the country. It is used by professors and students alike to accomplish many things.
Among the available options on the website, both students and professors will be able to access grades, contact information, and class information for each course. Each page will have clear intructions, links, and buttons for the user to find what they are using the website for.

The idea will accomplished by using aquired knowledge of the PHP, MySQL, and HTML programming languages.
The use of CSS will also be utilized for the formatting and design. The use of this website will complex but easy and understanding as well.


This purpose of Simple Blackboard is to help professors and students to connect to one another.
With simple navigation, all users are able to get what they are looking for on one site.
Grades, contact information, and courses are some things that are easily accessed in the project.
The project was created to be a simple interface with easy navigation.
Simple Blackboard allows users to login, to reset password, and to log out with secure access to the site.
Professors have more access to the site to be able to add or modify grades as well as add and remove students from classes.
The project was created using PHP, MYSQL, HTML and CSS.

What Is Included?

  • Use of SQL databases to store professors and their appropriate information.
  • There will also be a database with all the students and their information.(i.e. grades, contact information, etc...)
  • The students will be able to look at their grades, year, as well as contact their professors.
  • Professors will be able to see all students, edit the students grades, get contact information for their students, add students, and remove students when needed.
  • All users will have a login account(i.e. username and password) when attempting to access the website.
  • The users will be given a new username upon registering as well as given a default password. They will be able to change their password when they want.