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Dunnigan's Tale

Dunnigan's Tale is an Oregon Trail derivative with RPG combat and elements. You play as Dunnigan, an exotic and rare items vendor found in virtually all RPGs. Unfortunately for Dunnigan, the land he resides in has entered a period of peace and harmony. This is bad for business as he thrives in areas where adventurers have dungeons to delve and monsters to vanquish. With his last coin, he purchases a wagon, some supplies, and recruits heroes to accompany him through various hostile environments as they travel to a land that is virtually uninhabitable by peaceful folk. Currently under development in Unity3D and Monodevelop using C# and XML.

Currently Implemented

Screenshot of wagon traversing grassland biome.

Screenshot of combat system.

Download here -- Latest build as of 4/12/17
Note: There isn't much to the game so far and this build is for progress purposes only.

Progress Report 3/29/17