What is FirstStep?

The objective of FirstStep is to set up an online platform designed for people who are anticipating joining the workforce or who have just recently graduated. This platform is designed for college seniors and recent graduates who are unsure of what the first steps are in deciding on a career path or just to get their foot in the door in the work world. A goal for this project is to provide guidance and organize the research that one would make while on the platform.


The idea for this project came about when thinking of exactly what to do after graduating with an undergraduate degree. What first steps are taken in applying for a job? How is the right company chosen to start a career? Is this the right career path? The plan for this platform is to help individuals answer these questions with the help of those who have already found work by going through the same steps or from others who are currently in the process of finding work themselves. A goal is to create a community through college seniors and recent graduates to help each other provide helpful information as well as what not to do.

This project will consist of HTML, CSS, and mySQL code.


Research Plan:

The plan is to conduct research in an organized an unique matter. That is, the research will be focused on what it takes to make an online social platform unique. There are so many online community platforms these days which make it very difficult to create a new one that is not modeled after another platform. Another specific for research, is security. A main goal is to make sure every member's account is secure in that no one can log into it or view private information.


Last updated: Monday, April, 22, 2024